Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, if you have a question not covered here – please get in touch

I dye and store my yarns in my home, and although they are processed and kept airtight and away from my pets, please be aware there are 2 cats and 2 dogs in my home. If you have severe pet hair allergies, please let me know.

Yarn bleed does occasionally happen, despite fully exhausted dye baths and extra rinsing and more rinsing, sometimes a yarn will either mark your fingers or bleed a little when wet.

Especially with darker colours… I’m looking at you black and blue!

Cool rinsing should sort out the problem.

If it persists or is more than a little, please get in contact!

If you are doing light and dark colour work then a swatch may be advisable

YES! My supplier is extremely vigilant in their wool sourcing and their yarns are all mulesing free.

My local and UK farm reared yarns are also highly particular in how they care for their animals… they are reared and sheared with the utmost respect and love!

They will be in the twisted skein form unless specified and will need handballing or caking before you can work from them, I can cake yarns free of charge for you if you require.

Yes! If you want more of a colourway any custom please get in touch.

Yes, I ship all around the world, standard post is quoted for, but if you’d like tracked and signed for (if it’s available) please get in touch.