About Us

About Lynzi

I’m Lynzi and I’m the woman behind Hooking Marvellous Yarns.

I gained my love of knitting around 7 yrs old when our neighbour taught me to knit.. then a few years later a friends mum taught me to crochet…
I periodically picked up both over the years but when I crocheted a cat toy for my eldest daughters first christmas, I was hooked again and Hooking Marvellous was born..

I loved making custom items for people and started to stretch my skills more and more and then I tried handdyed yarn and EVERYTHING changed for me!
It wasn’t long before I started dyeing yarn myself and after daughter #2 came along, I moved the business to dyeing yarns only and haven’t looked back!
I really love putting dye to yarn and truly feel that I found my calling! I find myself inspired by everything around me and dye days can be a riot of colour and fun!

Thanks to my customers, I am blessed to be able to work from home around the chaos that is my wonderful family ♡