How To Wind A Skein Of Yarn Into A Cake

How To Wind A Skein Of Yarn Into A Cake

Rule number one of working with hand dyed yarn is you never work direct from the skein, you’re guaranteed to end up with a big old yarn barf mess. So before working with it, you need to turn it into a cake or a ball. So in this blog I’ll teach you how to wind a skein of yarn into a cake.

From this…

To this!

All you need is a winder like this one here – a swift is also beneficial but you can use household objects or a loved ones volunteered arms.

Check out my youtube video below for how to do it

If your skein is a mess before you begin, check out this blog on how to twist the hank easily.

Top Tips:

  • Keep the arm of the winder taught otherwise you’ll end up with yarn tangled in the winder
  • Go slow, it’s not a race!
  • Tension is really important, make sure you keep an eye on it

You can always request your yarn to be caked if buying from us to save you a job.

Lynzi x

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