How To Twist A Skein

How To Twist A Skein

How To Twist A Skein

Ever wanted to learn how to twist a skein of yarn? We’ve all been there where there’s a beautiful skein of hand-dyed yarn at the bottom of your stash that has become twisted over time.

You want to make sure it is twisted to avoid knotting and to make sure the yarn stays pill free and in good condition.

It might look complicated but it’s really easy! Check out my youtube video below for how to do it

This is a brilliant technique to have in your bank of knowledge to keep your skeins of yarn tidy and organised.

Simply leave your yarn in the twisted skein until you are ready to work with then – then simply wind them into balls and cast on or get hooking!

Do not work directly from the skein otherwise you’ll end up with a mess of yarn full of tangles and knots.

Easy peasy, go twist!

You can always request your yarn to be caked if buying from us and you don’t love dealing with skeins too!

Lynzi x

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